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Status Not under consideration
Created by Guest
Created on Mar 23, 2017

Deleting an application with only one service attached should not default to pre-selecting the service for delete


Streaming Analytics is a service in bluemix that may or may not have other Bluemix apps connected to it.  In some cases, an application is created to more easily get the credentials required to submit jobs to this service.  I had done this, and then proceeded to upload my applications to the streaming analytics service to run.  I then proceeded to delete the application as I had no use for it.

On the deletion screen for the application, I did not immediately recognize that it had pre-selected my service to be deleted at the same time, and had simply clicked "Delete" on the diaglog box that appeared.

A picture of the diaglog box in question.


I had not wanted my Streaming Analytics service to be deleted, only my application.  This is a costly mistake for anyone to discover, especially, if this is done after setting up the service with data and/or more jobs (consider this is a database, or other service). 


none.  There is no way to recover from this, which means a person needs to re-create the service, change the credentials used for the jobs, and re-submit them.  This is essentially negating all the work done previously, and forcing me to re-do it.


Allow the user to delete the single service, attached to the application, but make the user to click on the service to include it in the deletion.  I firmly believe that the number of customers negatively impacted by the current dialog box, is greater than the discomfort of someone needing to select the service to be deleted.  In many cases, developers may be deleting applications as they want to re-create them, in essence, they have to click to "not" delete the service anyways.  In production scenarios, it means that they are less likely to "accidentally" remove an important service as well. 

People get busy, and dialog boxes are sometimes clicked through without a second thought (aka, this is how i ended up in this situation).  When the result is potentially a massive data or work loss (i.e, from some of these bluemix services), it's better for a customer to have to confirm the loss, then to deal with the aftermath of it being too easy to delete. 

  • Guest
    Mar 30, 2017

    If we change the default behavior to unselect the service when the last app is deleted, we risk leaving orphan services that may be billed to the client. Based on that, we have determined we will not change this behavior.

  • Guest
    Mar 23, 2017

    This is a big problem, especially since there is no way to recover. The default option should always be the safest!