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Need access to internet using private network only

  1. A detailed description of what the feature should do and look like. Please also list any standards which the feature should comply with. : *
    Requirement for pseudo-shared gateway (NAT/masquerade) for deployment purposes to allow public connection to private only devices; Provide an optional free gateway (by request of owner) gateway to internet. Ports forwarding not needed, it's just for deployment/maintenance tasks. Actually there is some host in my subnet (provided by you automatically) on which my nodes send traffic (default route), it route traffic internally, but can't route to internet. Just make some button "Switch ON/OFF outbound NAT-ing to my VLAN"

  2. Use Case - Describe the business problem being solved in the context of a customer process. As a [role] I can [function] so that [rationale].: *
    I don't want all my devices exposed to the public network and only one accesspoint from public internet to the back end (private) servers is through your loadballancer (public-to-private) service. Looking for another option instead of having to order/configure a gateway device (or gateway appliance service) to do the NAT or order a device with public access, and restrict it from a firewall level. It's too expensive to buy VPS/gw-appliance with public ip only for one hour (e.g. need whitelisted IP only to initialise cluster that may take 1 hour max only).

  3. Business Justification - What business value would this feature bring to this and potentially other customers?: *
    A work around is available but takes more time to configure. And don't easify life of DevOps at all.

  4. Product and product component names and versions in use. Provisioning Virtual Server Instance(vsi) or Bare Metal (bm) with private only.
    Can be applied to VSI or bre metal servers as well.

  5. Who is the customer who needs the enhancement?
    I think it's main group of customers. Which provisioning self crafted cluster (CF/Kube/OpenShift etc) on VSI or BM host in your platform. For access to nodes you made VPN, it's cool. But for complete minimal free featureset there is should be ability to initialise cluster soft on this nodes, What required a internet access or internal mirrors of tools like docker-hub. HTTP access (destination port - 80/443) is enough, it even can be through transparrent proxy. It's even more interesting, because you can setup caching on this proxy for some popular resources where using strong releasing model (software release immutability). It's like automirror by request or lazy mirroring.

  6. Desired Date - When does the customer need this feature/function to be available?
    This is not safe me from headaches already, but will be handy for future customers. So it's not urgent.

  7. Are there any other references to this request: CS1964958

  8. A description of the customer's configuration, as relevant, incl. version numbers of operating system(s), LDAP repository, database, etc.
    Doesn't matter

  9. Add documents if these help to describe any of the above. - no. Thats all

  • Guest
  • Sep 10 2020
  • Guest commented
    27 Nov, 2020 11:36am

    Why is a public floating IP not sufficient, if in VPC, or a specific host on the internet if on classic.

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